Cooperative Bank Exam Question

Cooperative Bank Exam Question

Multiple Choice Questions:

Instructions: Choose the best answer and write the letter of your choice on the answer sheet attached

1: Bob: Do you ……. if I use your phone to call my wife?

(a) value                (b) worry                     (c) mind                       (d) allow


2: Bill: Sure. Would you ……. use my cell phone or the one in my office?

a) rather        (b) prefer             (c) like                      (d) assume


3: Bob: The one in your office is fine. Do I need to ……. anything special to get out of the building?

a) tighten     (b) press                  c) compress                 (d) dial


4: Bill: Yes. You ……. dial 9 and then your number.

a) should      (b) could           (c) would                  (d) shall


5: Bob: If another call comes in while I’m on the phone, should I put my wife on ……. and take it?

a) wait           (b) hold            (c) hope                (d) the side


6: Bill: No, that’s alright. If you don’t answer it will just go through to my ……. and I can call them back later.

a)answering machine       (b) voicemail         (c) voice-recoder         (d) e-mail


7: Bob picked up the ……. and dialed 9 then his home number.

a: handle      (b) cord               (c) thing-a-ma-jig-er               (d) receiver


8: Bill straightened up the office, pretending not to listen to Bob’s ……. of the conversation with his wife.

a) end      (b) part                (c) words                     (d) half


9: Finally Bob ……..

(a) hanged up                    (b) hang over               (c) hung up                  (d) hung over


10: Bill: I couldn’t help but ……. you’re having chicken for dinner tonight. Can I come over?

(a) overhear           (b) eavesdrop              (c) listen          (d) comprehend         


11: I would be very interested in ……. for that job.

(a) entering            (b) working                 (c) applying                 (d) writing


12: Do you want to ……. as a candidate in the local elections?

(a) stand                (b) sit               (c) go               (d) try


13: They are completely ……. up with all the noise in the centre of town.

(a) tired                 (b) fed                         (c) sick                         (d) ill


14: The reason there are no buses is because the drivers are on ……..

(a) hit                     (b) stop            (c) strike                      (d) leave


15: The government has changed its policy and had a complete change of ……..

(a) view                 (b) opinion                   (c) mind                       (d) heart


16: This supermarket is trying to ……. young shoppers by offering fashionable clothes.

(a) target                (b) persuade                (c) encourage               (d) trap


17: You should have ……. those shares when they were cheap.

(a) taken out          (b) sold off                  (c) bought up               (d) taken over


18: You must try and hurry up because my patience is …….

(a) running             (b) racing                     (c) pacing                    (d) turning


19:Have you ever tried your ……. at running a business?

(a) arm                   (b) finger                     (c) hand                       (d) leg


20: Once you are earning money and you want to keep it safe, you can always ……. an account with a bank.

a) open        (b) start             (c) begin                (d) commence


Read the following messages and notices. For questions 31–35, circle your answer by choosing one letter A, B or C.


  • The contents should be kept at a constant temperature.
  • The contents are sensitive to heat and light.
  • The contents must be kept frozen.


Management Writing Competition

For excellence in management writing

There are six prizes to be won in two sections:

Best Management Book and Best Management Article.

Participants in the competition

a: may enter in different categories of management writing.

b: will receive top quality publications on management if they win.

c: must have published several books or articles on management

To: All Research Staff

From: J Swann, Human Resources

Subject: Job evaluation sessions

This is just a reminder of the job evaluation sessions which take place next month. You should spare some time to be present at these sessions, as it is very much in your interest to attend.


  • You can only attend the sessions in your free time.
  • You must tell HR if you are interested in the sessions.
  • You will benefit from attending the sessions.


The Commercial Department, currently located next to the Main Reception, will transfer to the Accounts Department’s offices on the first floor by 19th June.  The HR Department will then transfer to the Commercial Department’s old office.


Which department will be located next to the Main Reception after the 19th June?

  • the Accounts Department
  • the HR Department
  • the Commercial Department


  • The number of temporary staff remained almost unchanged for three years.
  • The number of full-time staff overtook part-time staff in year 2.
  • The number of part-time staff declined steadily during the three years.


26: In which level of management are technical skills most needed?

a: Top level  b: Middle level      c: First –line level   D: Chief executive officer of the company


27: If a fresh graduate is recruited in Oromia cooperative bank, according Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, what is the first level need of the new employee?

a: Social     b: Esteem    c: Self actualization      d: Food and shelter


28: Where is the component strength located in a SWOT analysis?

a. The external environment

b: The internal and external environment

c: The internal environment

d: All of the above


29: What is a mission statement?

a:The vision of the organization

b:The short term plan of the organization

c:The statement which explains the reason for the existence of the organizations


30: Which of the following is categorized as Macro environment for business organizations?

a: Suppliers

b: Customers

c: Technology

D: Distributers


31: Match the following description (6-10) of managers with the 3 role of managers given below

a: Interpersonal

b: Informational

c: Decisional


31: …………Initiate improvement of projects; identify new ideas; delegate idea responsibility to others.    

32: ………….Take corrective action during disputes or crises; resolve conflicts among subordinates; adapt to environmental crises.

33: —————Seek and receive information; scan periodicals and reports; maintain personal contacts.

34: ………Perform ceremonial and symbolic duties such as greeting visitors, signing legal documents.

35: ………..Direct and motivate subordinates; train, counsel, and communicate with subordinates.


36: The investment regulation in afar region is better in attracting investors than Beneshangul region, under which category of business environment will you categorize the regulation

a: Economic     b: Social       c: Political and legal              d: Technological


37: A sign “don’t smoke” in Oromia cooperative bank  is best refers to as

a: Rule      b: Policy      c: Guideline    d:   Vision


38: To what time-frame do strategic plans relate?

A. Long-term     B. Medium-term   C. Short-term     D. Unspecified time it takes to achieve an aim


39: What do you call a style of leadership that takes account of others’ views, opinions and ideas?

A.Laissez-faire   B. People-oriented   C.Democratic    D. Autocratic


40: Of what is an investment decision an example?

A.   Programmed decision  B. Routine decision   C.  Management decision   D.   Non-programmed decision


41: What do the four ‘P’s’ of marketing relate to?

A.   Product, price, place and promotion

B.    Product, price, press and promotion

C.    Product, price, publicity and promotion

D.   Product, price, post and promotion


42: What tasks does Human resource management involve?

A.   Attracting employees to the organization

B.    Recruiting employees

C.     Retaining employees

D.   All of the above


43:   A firm sells widgets for $14 each. The variable costs for each unit is $8. The contribution margin per unit is:

A.   $ 6      B.   $12        C.   $14      D.   $ 8


44: Company A’s fixed costs were $42,000, its variable costs were $24,000, and its sales were $80,000 for the sale of 8,000 units. The company’s break-even point in units is:(Hint: Break even happens when total cost=total revenue)

a: 8,000     b: 5,000    c:  6000   d:  7000


45: Janet sells a product for $6.25. The variable costs are $3.75. Janet’s break-even units are 35,000. What is the amount of fixed costs?

A.   $ 87,500      B.  $ 35,000     C.     $131,250      D.    $104,750


46: The sum of three consecutive odd numbers is 57. The middle one is:

A.    19     B.      21     C.      23             D.     17


47:   What percent of a day is 6 hours?

A.     6.25%    B.     20%    C.      25%        D.    12.5%


48:   Which factors affect the productivity of a company:
A.  methods     B. quality     C.  capital    D. technology     E. all the above


49: Determine the productivity of four workers who installed 640 square yards of carpeting in 8 hours per day (hint: productivity=output / input).

a: 20 yards per hour      b: 80 yards per hour      c:   16 yards per hour   d: 2 yards per hour   E:  None of the above


50: A wrapping paper Company produced 2000 rolls of paper one day at a standard price of Br. 1 per roll. Labor cost was Br. 160, material cost was Br. 50, and overhead was Br. 320. Determine the multifactor and total productivity.

a: 40    b: 77     c:  3      d: 4     e: 77

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