Ethiopia Bank Exam Questions Part 2

Ethiopia Bank Exam Questions Part 2

Banking is one of the quickest developing areas in # Ethiopia with more steady and high development and moreover giving a wide scope of profession openings for graduates. So I need to make a move to participate in a bank.


Quantitative Exam Time allowed: 1 hour


This quantitative test comprises 30 questions, and you will have 60 minutes to answer the questions. Calculators are permitted for this test, and you can use the separate sheet of paper provided for a rough work. Each question has  five possible answers ,one of which is correct.

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Choose the letter corresponding to this correct answer and write the letter in the space provided against each question on the attached answer sheet.

1.A certain animal has consumed 39kg of food in six days. If it continues to eat at the same rate, in how many more days will its total consumption be 04kg? ‘••
A) o days   B) 10 days   C) 2days   D) 4days  E) 8days

2.A sum of money deposited at compound interest amounts to Birr8820 in two years and Birr9261 in 3years find the rate of interest compounded annually
A)6%   B)10.5%    C)4.5%    D)5%    E)10%

3. Store owner is packing small radios in to larger boxes that measure 25 in. by 42 in by 60 in. If the measurement of each radio is 7 in. by 5 in.,then how many radios can be placed in the box?
A)300  B)200    C)400    D)150     E)none

4. A sink contains exactly 12 liters of water. If water is drained from the sink until it holds exactly 6liters of water less than the quantity drained away, how many liters of water were drained away?
A)6liters   B)9liters   C)2liters    D)3liters    E)none

5. A store owner-decided to raise the price of a particular item by exactly10%. Which of following is NOT the new price?
A)Birr1.10           B)Birr8.80          C)Birr11.00           D)Birr57.70            E)Birr78.10

6. The scale used for drawing a map states that the actual distance of 50km is Represented by 1cm on the map. If Addis Ababa is 15.14cm away from Nazareth on the map then according to the scale what will be the actual distance between Addis Ababa and Nazareth?
A)75.7km   B)757cm    C)758cm   D)75km   E)none

7. If a+b=10 and a-b =20 , then what will be the value of a/b?
A)10/20         B)1/3           C)-1/3              D)-3                E)3

8. In-a class of 52 students 31 are taking management course, 12 are taking mathematics course. Of the students taking management or mathematics, 3 are taking both courses. How many students are not registered in either course?
A)6         B.)12           C)9           D)17                 E)3

9. A piece  of work is done by Aster in 10 days. The same piece of work is done by Alemu in 15 days, in how many days will Aster and Alemu finish the same amount of work if they work to gether?
A) 10days   B) 8days       C) 12.5days    D) 13days     F.) None

10. If a-b= 3 and a2-b2=36, then find the sum of both the variables  ’a’and *b\
A)33      B)39      C)12     D)9     E)15

11.Which of the following is greater than 14?
A)10/20      B)5/7          C)3/9         D)2/5            E)none

12. 240+240+240+240=  A)8160    B)840    C)242    D)240   E)236

13.  64-2%=    A)46/8    B)3%     C)3%     D)4%     E)none

14. If the simple interest on asum of money for 2year sat 5% per annum is Birr.50, what is the
compound interest on the same sum of money at the same rate annually for the same time
A)Birr50      B)Birr100     C)Birr25    D)Birr62.5      E)none

15. n is an integer chosen at random from the set{3,5,7} p is chosen at random from the set {2,4,6,8,} What is the probability that n+p=9?
A)0.2        B)0.25      C)0.33   D)0.45     E)none

16. A dress on sale in a shop is marked at Birr Y. During the discount sale its price is reduced by 20%. Staffs are allowed a further 10% reduction on the discounted price. If a staff member buys the dress what will she have to pay in terms of Y?
A)72%Y     B)70%Y    C)75%Y     D)85%Y     E)none

17. Divide the amount Birr 850 among Abebe, Bekele and Chaltu such that Abebe receives 1/3 of the amount what Bekele receives and Bekele receives 2/3 of the amount what Chaltu receives. The amount received by Bekele is
A.Birr108.33       B)Birr240          C)Birr200       D)Birr300        E)none

18. In what proportion should we mix the wheat of Birr 2.50 per kg with the wheat of Birr 3.50 per kg such that the resultant mixture of wheat costs Birr3.00 per kg?
A)1:1      B)1:2     C)2:1    D)1:1.5     E)1.5:1

19. Paint needs to be thinned. to a ratio of 2 parts paint to 1.5 parts water . The painter has. by mistake added water so that he has 6 liters of paint which is half water and half paint what must he add to make the proportions of the mixture correct?
A) 1 liter paint    B) 1 liter water     C)’ A liter water and one liter paint
D) >2 liter paint and one liter water     E) 1/liter paint

20. When a women weighing 65 kg is replaced by another women, then the average weight of a group of 10 women is found to be increased by 1kg. Find out the; weight of the new woman that is added to the group.
A)65kg     B)75kg     C)85kg    D)60kg       E)none


21.A bank offers 5% compound interest calculated on half- yearly basis .A customer deposits Birr 1600 each on 1 st January and 1 st July of a year. The amount of interest he would earn at the end of the end of the year will be
A)120     B)121    C)160     D)240    E)none

Questions 22- 24 refer to the following line chart which shows annual production of three items in thousands of units during the year 2001-2004 of a certain company

22. If it is predicted that production of item C increases by 25% from 2004 to 2005 what would be the number of production of item A during 2005 ?

A)5025      B)6250          C)5250     D)6000         E)none

23.What is the percentage decrease in the production of item A from 2001 to 2002?
A)50%     B)20%    C)75%    D)25%   E)30%

24.What was the ratio of production of the highest to the lowest production during 2003
A)3:2    B)5:3     C)7:4     D)9:5    E)none

25.To day is Sunday after 26 days it will be,
A)Tuesday    B)Sunday   C)Monday   D)Friday   E)can’t determin

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