Bank Quantitative Aptitude Questions

Bank Quantitative Aptitude Questions

Ethiopian Banks Aptitude Exam Questions:Aptitude Exam is one of the main exam used by banks and large corporations in hiring staff, which includes English language, math, physics and reasoning questions.

Commercial Bank of Ethiopia(CBE), Awash Bank, Abyssinia Bank and Addis Ababa city government use aptitude exams to short list applicants for further hiring process.

❖ Write your Full name on the space provided above
♦ Make sure that the entire exam booklet consists of 70 questions.

The English Part contains 30 questions while 25 questions of QUANTITATIVE APTITUDE are included in the booklet. Finally, 15 questions are included on the general concepts & practices of Management.
❖ Put your answers for all questions and exam types in the spaces provided ON
❖Check that the examination booklet contains 16 printed pages including the
answer sheet.
❖ Do not detach this page

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EXAM I. ENGLISH (total of 30 marks)

Part I: Grammar and Use (14 Marks)

A. Incomplete Sentences: Complete the sentences with choices provided. You should
choose the one word or phrases that best complete each of the sentences.

1. Nowadays, many of the huge factories and industries ___________to function if there
was no adequate electric power.
a. were unable  b. would be unable  c. will be unable  d. are unable

2. The variety of goods and services offered __________ limited only by the types of
People and organizations that join
 A. is  b. are  c. has  d. have

3. Dawit’s hobbies include jogging, swimming, an
a .to climb mountains b. climb mountains  c. to climb d. climbing

4. My sister likes apples, _______ she does not like oranges.

a. so b. for c. but  d. or

5. When I graduate from this college next June, I ______a student here for four years.
a. will have been b. have been c. has been d. will have

6. I prefer drinking coffee_______ tea.
a. than b. to c. with

7. The man is_________ walk up the stairs of the tall building.
a. so old to  b. too old to  c. older to  d. old so that he

8. The meeting will begin after the boss _________
a. will arrive b. arrives c. arrived d. have arrived

9. The sentence ‘Go to bed immediately or you can’t get up early tomorrow’ may mean

a. If you didn’t go to bed immediately, you couldn’t get up early tomorrow
b. If you don’t go to bed immediately, you can’t get up early tomorrow
c. If you went to bed immediately, you could get up early tomorrow
d. If you go to bed immediately, you can’t get up early tomorrow

Part III: Vocabulary (15marks)

A. Choose the right pair to complete the sentences (1 mark each

10. He warned the workers against supporting these anti-social policies, which he
Declared would rather than _______________________ the plight of the
common people

a) Rescue; destroy B) Impair; improving c) Aggravate; alleviate d) Protract; inhibit

11. Like the _______ part of the iceberg, much of what is really interesting in the
Capital is not __________
a) greater; dangerous c) upper; visible
b) submerged; visible d) lower; penetrate

12. Athletes have so perfected their techniques in track; and field events that the
_______ Becomes ___________________ before record books can be Published.
a) Meet; official c) fantastic; common place
b) Time; authentic d) result; obsolete
B. Choose the most appropriate meaning for each word in bold type. (1 mark each)

13. Condone: a) surround b) pardon c) bring together d) rule together

14. Incongruous: a) unofficial : ,b) incompatible c) poorly timed d) uneven

15. Cumbersome: a) heavy b) sorrowful c) unwieldy d) laborious

16: Scrutinize: a) erase completely   b) turn aside  c) examine closely  d) read about

17. FORGERY : SIGNATURE: A) Carbon copy: original B) Faked: genuine C) False : truth D) Proxy : delegate

18. I : MY A) Him : his B) You : you’re C) They : there D)Who : whose

19. ALTHOUGH : NEVERTHELESS: a) Since :therefore b) In spite of : consequently c) When : simultaneously d) Because : therefore

Part IV. Reading Passage: (6 marks)

Read the paragraphs below and answer questions that follow them (1 mark each)
Paragraph ONE

Spend ten romantic days enjoying the lush countryside of southern England. The counties
of Devon, Dorset, Hampshire, and Essex invite you to enjoy their castles and coastline,
their charming bed and breakfast inns, their museums and their cathedrals. Spend lazy
days watching the clouds drift by or spend active days hiking the glorious hills. These
fields were home to Thomas Hardy, and the ports launched ships that shaped world
history. Bed and breakfasts abound, ranging from quiet farmhouses to lofty castles. Our
tour begins August 15. Call or fax us today for more information 1-800-222-XXXX.
Enrollment is limited, so please call soon.

20. Which of the following counties is not included in the tour?
A. Devon B. Cornwall  C. Essex  D. Hampshire

21. How many people can go on this tour?
A. 10 B. an unlimited number C. 2-8 D. a limited nurr

22. What can we infer about this area of southern England?
A. The region has lots of vegetation B. The coast often has harsh weather  C. The sun is hot and the air is dry.  D. The land is flat

Paragraph TWO

Anna Szewcyzk, perhaps the most popular broadcaster in the news media today, woi the  1998 Broadcasting Award. She got her start in journalism as an editor at the Holtsville County Times in Missouri. When the newspaper went out of business, a Colleague persuaded her to enter the field of broadcasting. She moved to Oregon to begin a master’s degree in broadcast journalism at Atlas University. Following Graduation, she was able to begin her career as a local newscaster with WPSU-TV in  Seattle, Washington, and rapidly advanced to national television. Noted for her quick* and  trenchant commentary, her name has since become synonymous with Good Day America Accepting the award at the National Convention of Broadcast Journalism in Chicago, Ms.  Szewcyzk remarked, “I am so honored by this award that I’m at a total loss for words!” Who  would ever have believed it?

23. What is the purpose of this announcement?
A. to invite people to the National Convention of Broadcast Journalism
B. to encourage college students to study broadcasting ,
C. to recognize Ms. Szewcyzk’s accomplishments

24. The expression “to become synonymous with” means
A. to be the same as.. B. to be the opposite of.  C. to be in sympathy with.  D. to be discharged from

25. What was Ms. Szewczyk’s first job in journalism?
A. She was a T.V. announcer in Washington
B. She was a newscaster in Oregon.
C. She was an editor for a newspaper in Missouri
D. She was a talk show host in Chicago.

Part IV. Rearrange sentences into a paragraph. Then write the correct order in the
spaces provide on the answer sheet. Your first sentence is No. 4 (5 marks)

1. To truly control destruction from earthquakes, scientists must find a way to predict
them more consistently.

2. Each year earthquakes take 10,000 to 15,000 lives and cause billions of dollars in
damages around the world.

3. Recent efforts to predict earthquakes have met with only limited success.

4. Scientists face difficult yet important task in trying to predict earthquakes.

5. Many cities have been totally destroyed.

6. In 181 l and 1812 a series of earthquakes in Missouri changed the course of Mississippi River, shaking the earth enough to stop clocks in Boston.

7. Chinese scientists predicted an earth quake in Hatching in 1975 and Soviet Scientists predicted an earthquake in 1978

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