Lion International Bank written Exam Question

Please write your name neatly. Attempt all the questions & write your choice on the space provided.

Time Allotted: 30 minutes

Full Name: ____________

1. A book shop has increased prices by 20% on everything. If a book costs Br 108 now, how much did it cost before the price increment?

a. 88    b. 90    c. 100      d. 80


2. Items on a balance sheet with titles that include the word receivable are

a. Liabilities     b.Assets       c. Owner’s Equity        d. All


3. Ahmed buys a house for Br 200,000 and sells it at a profit of 15%. What is the selling price of the house?

a. Br 211,000    b. Br. 225,000          c.  Br. 230,000           d.  Br. 201,000


4. Decreases in assets are recorded as____ while Decreases in Liabilities are recorded as

a. Credits/Debits

b. Debits/Debits

c. Debits/Credits

d Credits/Credits


5. Tamiru sold his Laptop for Br 5,800. If he bought it for Br 5,000 and spent Br. 500 on its Repairs, his gain percent is:

a. 57%     b. 5.455%         c.10%        d. 12%


6. Which one of the following is different from the others?

a. Assets     b. Expenses       c. Liabilities         d. Owner’s Equity


7. A sum of Br. 25,000 amounts to Br. 31,000 in 4 years time at a rate of simple interest. What is the rate of interest?

a. 3%      b. 4%            c. 5%       d. 6%


8. Increases in Expenses are recorded as___ while increases in Revenue are recorded as

a. Debits/Debits


c. Debits/Credits

d. Credits/Credits


9. A Supermarket has reduced prices by 6% on everything to thank their customers. If an egg used to cost Br 2.99 before the price reduction, how much does it cost now?

  1. 93      b. 2.81    c. 2.75      d. 2.87


10. Which financial statement has major sections showing Assets, Liabilities, and Shareholders’ equity?

a. Balance sheet

b. Income statement

c. Statement of cash flows

d. None


11. A Computer Store has reduced the price of a computer by 15%. What is the original price of the computer if the sale price is 1,275 now?

a. 1,500    b.  1,350    c. 3,000     d. 1,100


12. How much will be the interest gained in two years from Br. 450 at 15% per annum of simple interest?

a. 125      b. 135       c. 145      d. 155


13. What is the VAT rate in Ethiopia?

a. 10%     b. 12%        c. 15%       d. 18%


14. In an election Abebe got 1,136 votes; Bekele got 7,636 votes and Hailu got 11,628 votes. What percentage of the total votes did the winning candidate get?

a. 57%          b. 60%           c. 65%              d. 90%


15. If the cost of a table is Br 800 before VAT, what will be the total price including VAT?

a. 920          b. 880             c.960           d. 1,000


16. A sum of Br. 10,000 amounts to Br. 11,200 in one year at the rate of simple interest. What is the rate of interest?

a. 8%         b. 15%        c. 5.5%      d.12%


17. A man took loan of Br 50,000 from a bank at the rate of 12% per annum simple interest. How much is the interest in one year?

a. 2,000   10,000        c.  6,000        d. 2,000


18. A sum of money at simple interest amounts to Br. 737 in 1 year and to Br. 776 in 2 years. The initial amount is:

a. Br 650   b.  Br 690       c.  Br 698           d.  Br 700


19. Hailu buys a cycle for Br 1,400 and sells it at a loss of 15%. What is the selling price of the cycle?

a. Br 1,090             b. Br. 1,160                c. Br. 1,190                            d.  1,202


20. How much time will it take for Br. 450 to yield Br. 81 as interest at 4.5% per annum of Simple interest?

a. 5 years    b. 4 years          c. 4.5 years             d. 5 years


English Question


Please write your name neatly. Attempt all the questions. All the questions are worth 1 point each.

Time Allotted: 30 minutes

Full Name: _____


1. There are many historical sites in Ethiopia. One of them is Axum which is famous __Its obelisks.

a. about    c. with      d. for


2.Dear Sir, having read your advertisement, I would like to___ this letter as my Application for the post of Graduate Trainee.

a. deliver           b.submit          c. return       d. send


3.I am honored to be ___ to speak to you to night about my experience.

a. demanded           b.forced                c. enquired            d. invited


4.Those bottles belong ___ the top shelf.

a. to           b.on         C. in        d. with


5.There is many ___of jobs in Ethiopia right now.

a. ways    b.brands         c. kinds        d. forms


6.Many people _____tried but no-one has succeeded so far.

a. did         b.   have been         c. were      d. have


7.There is an additional ___added to the price of the product if you want it delivered to Your house.

a. figure   b. charge               c. number              d. charging


8.The boys gathered a bundle of __

a. sticks    b. people               c. beads         d. houses


9.AIDS has no cure so far. However, one day scientists will ___ find a cure for AIDS.

a. can

b. be able to

c. been able to

d. have been able to


10.Children usually ____quickly to all changes.

  1. suit           b. fit                      c. change              d. adjust


11.Most of the money ___ was donated to charity.

a. raised

b. gathered

c. risen

d. found


12.You must not drink and then __ a car.

a. Lead    b. drive       c. take        d. guide


13.Welcome back ____. In this session we’re going to take a look at some of the vocabulary we used in the previous session.

a. Somebody


c. anybody

d. nobody


14.The government is trying to mobilize additional funds for various projects. Hence, taxes are Being __by 10%.

a. suggested           b. increased           c. offered               d. invited


15. Smoking is not ___on these premises.

a. suggested         b.  left                    c. permitted           d. increased


16.The job was __ to Abebe but he turned it down.

a. offered           b.permitted          c. left                    d. written


17.Lion International Bank___ vacancy advertisements in the harmeejobs newspaper.

a.suggested           b. was               c. went              d. placed


18.We hopes you will stay with us __ a long time.

a. for           b.since                 c. during               d. while


19.Please don’t forget to call me when you ___ home.

a. will get         b.  get           c. are going to get           d. are getting


20.You should read this book, it’s been __ recommended by all the critics.

a. highly          b. fully                  c. truly            d. deeply


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