Ethio Telecom Past Questions and Answers for Job Recruitment

The Best way to prepare and excel in the Ethio Telecom Assessment Test is by studying the comprehensive and updated Job Recruitment Past Questions and Answers.

Therefore, if you are intending to apply for a job at Ethio Telecom Jobs or you already applied, were shortlisted, and were also invited for the Job Recruitment Aptitude Test, then you urgently need to get and start studying the Past Questions and Answers.

Also, these past Questions will help you have a clear understanding of what the Ethio Telecom test/screening looks like.

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Select an answer for every question. Unanswered questions will be scored as incorrect.Good Luck!


1). The following are the characteristics of Negative Stress

A. It causes anxiety

b. It feels unpleasant

c. It decreases performance

d. All of the above


2). To work effectively with others in a team

a. do not waste time talk about team goals

b. do not wait for needed approvals to begin working on a project

c. break large tasks into small parts

d. none of the above


3). Which one of the following is true about 994 contact center?

a. The Contact center is available 24/7 in five languages.

b. Provide you information about our offers and after sales support.

c. Customer can register different faults about ethio telecom services.

d. All.


4). If the customer service contact center agent provides customer profile on the system for the other customer, which component of customer service is violated?

a. Reliability

b. Responsiveness

c. Security

d. Empathy


5).  It was not until they watched the evening news that people realized how much damage the storm had caused.

a. People did not know how much damage the storm had caused until they watched the evening news.

b. People watched the evening news because they realized that the storm had caused a lot of damage.

c. Before watching the evening news, people knew that the storm had caused a lot of damage.

d. After they realized that the storm had caused a lot of damage, people watched the news until late in the evening.


6). Mekonnen is trying to read all three books in the series before summer ____________.

a. Ended

b. Will have ended

c. Will end

d. Ends


7). When a customer complains you should always…

a. Defend your company

b. Apologize

c. Make excuses

d. None


8). When a customer calls to resolve an issue, the best customer service representative will be…

a. The one who resolves the problem the quickest

b. The one who shows they understand and are committed to resolving the problem

c. The one who gets the best feedback

d. None


9). You are the employee working at a call center and engaging a customer when the other phone rings. Do you- 

a. Tell the customer excuse me while you answer the phone, then put the caller on hold while you go back to the customer.

b. Let the phone ring and continue to engage the customer.

d. Take the call and address it, then come back to the customer.

d. Hang up the communication with the customer and address the call.


10). Dadi: Would you mind making a copy of this book? Reni:  Oh ______, no part of the book may be copied.

a. I have no objection

b. Sure

c. I suggest

d. Sorry to sat that


11).   A type of package offer which is to access with ethio gebeta service.

a. Voice package

b. Internet package

c. SMS package

d. All


12). Can I help you? is an example of: 

a. A proper retail greeting.

b. Reformulation of customer request.

c. A closed ended question.

d. Offering assistance with politeness


13).  I am amazed that we arrived at the airport on time.

a. We made an amazing appointment to meet at the airport on time.

b. I did not expect to get to the airport on time but surprisingly, we did.

c. I am surprised that we had so much time left before we boarded the plane.

d. My friend and I were amazed to see each other at the airport at the same time


14). How do you deal with loud and abusive customers?

a. I try to calm them down by admitting to my companys mistake

b. I try to building off line connection with them

c. I lash out back at them

d. I let them rant and look for a new creative approach to handle it


15). What would you do If a customer has a complaint that is take long time and complex?

a. I would send them to my manager I do not get paid to listen to long rants

b. I would listen fully to the customer and try to resolve their complaints to their satisfaction

c. I would explain the complaint procedure to the customer and then let them take the next step

d. None


16). Morning Glory, the coffee shop on the corner, has lost nearly 50% of its business because a national retail coffee chain opened up a store down the street. Instead of closing up shop, the owner of Morning Glory plans to draw in customers by offering coffe

a. some customers will choose the coffee shop that offers the lowest price.

b. the quality of Morning Glory coffee is comparable to that of the national coffee chain.

c. Morning Glory can afford to cut its profit margin in order to lower prices.

d. Morning Glorys customers are very loyal.


17). Which is not the key reasons for customer dissatisfaction?

a. Employees who do not listen to what the customer is saying.

b. Employees who ignore customers completely.

c. Employees who do not follow up or follow through.

d. Employees who ask too many questions.


18).   Which one of the following is not correct about ethio telecom?

a. Ethio telecom have more than 50 million customer base

b. Ethio telecom has become the largest telecom operator in Africa.

c. Ethio telecom is an integrated telecommunications solutions provider offering internet, data, VAS, International and voice services.

d. None


19). Good customer service always involves…

a. Actively listening the customer concerns

b. Telling the customer whatever they want to hear

c. Enforcing the rules of your company

d. None


20). ________ the Tilahun Geseses most popular songs-most of which were written by Alemtsehay wedajo and Yilma Gebreab—are Ethiopia and Yehiwote hiwot.

  1. With
  2. Considering
  3. Among
  4. To

21). Which one of the following is cause of potential conflict at the work place?

  1. Good communication
  2. Cultural understanding
  3. Lack of respect to individual difference
  4. Giving value to others customs and beliefs


22). A complaining customer is:

a. Sometimes right

b. Almost right

c. Often lying

d. Always the customer


23). Which statement about customer service is correct?

a. Excellent customer service results in a more positive business reputation.

b. Excellent customer service results in more promises and therefore more processes.

c. Excellent customer service results in fewer loyal customers.

d. Excellent customer service results in lower wages


24). _____________is a service which allows mobile subscribers to select and change the ring back sounds heard by their callers instead of traditional beeping/ringing sounds.

a. CRBT or Color Ring back Tone

b. Call Waiting

c. Call forwarding

d. Malicious call trace


25). It is easy to carry solid objects without spilling them, but the same cannot be said of liquids. Rewrite, beginning with Unlike liquids, the next words will be

a. it is easy to

b. we can easily

c. solid objects can easily be

d. solid objects are easy to be



26). All of the following are accepted stress management techniques at work place EXCEPT:

a. Avoiding problems.

b. Frequently take annual leave.

c. Exercise.

d. Effective time management.


27). The best skill to have as a customer service representative is…

a. Knowledge of the company

b. Patient with the customer

c. Empathy for the customers situation

d. All of the above


28). What type of device is a computer monitor?

a. Input

b. Output

c. Software

d. Storage


29). Which one of the following is correct about mobile voice call service charge during working days 1:00AM – 9:00 PM including VAT?

a. Charged 0.83 birr per minute

b. Charged 0.35 birr per minute

c. Charged 1 birr per minute

d. Charged 0.73 birr per minute


30). To resolve conflicts with coworkers

a. begin by deciding who is at fault in the situation

b. Listen and talk with coworkers about the situation

c. center your discussions on the people involved, not the issues

d. avoid admitting that you make a mistake


31).  As soon as you see a customer, what do you do?

a. Look the other way

b. Ask them if you can help them

c. Look them in the eye, smile and welcome them

d. All


32). How can you show that you are actively listening over the phone to a customer?

a. By interrupting with your thoughts

b. By asking lot of closed questions

c. By talking over the customer

d. By using affirmative words, such as Ok or Yes


33).   Effective team members

a. are reliable and responsible

b. share confidential information about the teams work with everyone in the company

c. focus first on personal goals and then on team goals

d. all the above


34).    A short code that used to access Ethio Gebeta self-service is:

a. * 806# and dial

b. * 868# and dial

c. * 999# and dial

d. *868# and dial


35). The third basic computer function is ________? This refers to when a computer sends out information.

a. Output

b. Input

c. Processing

d. Devices


36). The ticket said the show would start at 8:00, but the curtains didn’t go up _________ 8:30.

a. Less than

b. until

c. about

d. Since


37). Call forwarding (or call diversion) can be made by a user under the following condition:

a. If not answered

b. For all calls

c. If busy

d. All


38).  A Call Center is defined as:

a. The midpoint in duration of a telephone call

b. A revenue sink hole

c. A place where actual sales transaction conducted

d. A location where complaints and problems are converted into successful saves for your customers and your company


39). Why should you smile every time you answer a phone call?

a. Because it will you feel better

b. Because the person on the other end of the line will feel better

c. Because it will relax the muscles in your face

d. Because smiling is fun


40). service allows a customer to communicate with more than two persons at the same time from his/her mobile.

a. Call forwarding

b. Conference calling

c. Multimedia message service

d. Voice SMS service


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