Interview Questions by Commercial Banks In Ethiopia

Commercial Bank of Ethiopia Interview Question Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (የኢትዮጵያ ንግድ ባንክ)Interview Question for Candidate.  It’s a great opportunity to work under them.

Commercial Bank of Ethiopia interview details: For interview questions … They will ask you what you would do on this situation questions

Commercial Bank of Ethiopia interview details: For interview questions … They will ask you what you would do on this situation questions

The below is previously asked interview question in commercial bank of ethiopia.



Personal Interview Questions and Correct Answers:

1. The most and the first thing is CONFIDENCE.
2. Keep your protocol as much as possible.
3. Do not open the door until you get permission to open it(get in!) and when u enter in z room, you must have good facial expression.
4. until z interviewer allows to sit, you must have not sit.
5. when they say welcome, it is better to say thank you! rather than wellstay.
6. when they say have a sit, say thank you! and sit after sitting give good eye contact to z interviewer’s & follow sensitively who of them will start z interview.
7. Have a Good dressing.


Common Interview Questions About the Bank

1. What is the difference b/n bank and banking?
2. what is banking?
3. what is bank service and what are the services delivered by the Bank ?
4. What are the types of deposits?
5. what are the values, visions and missions of the Bank?
6. What does mean world class commercial bank of Ethiopia?
7. what is the objective of the Bank?
8. what is the major role and contribution of the Bank for individuals and for the over all country’s economy?
9. what makes national bank different from commercial bank?
10. what are the major institutions for which the Bank gives service in collaboration with the outside world?
11. Why the Bank expands its branches throughout out the country?
12. Why the Bank bears interest to depisitors , while the deposit is the liability of the Bank?


Personal Questions

1. Introduce yourself
2. What is your future plan?
3. what is your weakness and strength?
4. if it happens some quarrel among staff members what will you do on the conflict resolution ?
5. what are your special qualities and talents?
6. what is your motive for your engagement as a candidate in the Bank?
7. How much salary do you expect from the Bank?
8. Do you have a computer skill and have you take a computer related courses in connection with your field’s?


Course Related Questions For Those Accounting And Finance Graduates:

1. What are the types of financial statements? And define them.
2. what is the concept of cash flow statement?
3. what are the GAAP principles? and define three/ four of them.
4. What is the difference b/n withdrawal and expense?
5. what is the d/ce b/n real account and nominal account?
6. What is the d/ce among financial accounting, cost accounting and management accounting?
7. What are the project evaluation techniques and define them?
8. From those project evaluation techniques which technique is the most preferable and why?
9. what are the steps of accounting cycle?
10. What is depreciation?
11. What are the methods of depreciation?
12. Which method is known as accelerated depreciation method?
13. What is bank reconciliation and steps of bank reconciliation?
14. What items are recorded at bank side?
15. What is z d/ce b/n simple interest and compound interest?
16. What is the d/ce b/n accrual and deferral?
17. What is the difference b/n finance and accounting?
18. what are the inventory systems and methods?
19. What is the difference b/n capital expenditure and revenue expenditure?
20. Define the term partnership and corporation with their properties?
21. What Is Petty Cash?

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