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Section one:- Reading  Comprehension

Read the passage and answer the questions following it.


A few years ago, a British newspaper published an aid worker’s recollection of a shopping trip with Mother Teresa, They were in local supermarket buying supplies for her London mission. When they reached the counter, and were presented with a bill for about 500 pounds, Mother Teresa refused to pay, saying, “It is for the poor”. She remained unmoved by the demands of the store — keeper and an impasse prevailed until a kindly shopper, at the back of the growing queue, volunteered to pay.

This story, and many others, illustrates well Mother Teresa’s impressive skills as a manipulator. Some of her supporters might find description insulting, even sacrilegious, but to deny it would be naive. She is after all a missionary — a person whose job is to change other people’s minds.


One of her most famous conversions was the British journalist. Malcolm Muggeridge. So taken was he by this little Albanian nun that, in 1969, he made a television film about her called something Beautiful for God. Then he converted to Catholicism. It was a classic missionary’s barter: she put him in touch with his soul, he put her in touch with the public, and convinced she was a living saint.

But Mother Teresa stopped trying to convert people to Catholicism long ago. Instead, she concentrates looking after society’s rejects, and is happy to let them believe what they like. Her first mission, set up in Calcutta in 1950, has fed and cared for an estimated 50,000 homeless, sick and dying people. So it’s not surprising that, to Catholics, only the pope is more holy.


And she is not only feted by Catholics. Across the world, she is seen as symbol of charity and goodness; a selfless angel in a World where greed and market economics are enriching the few at the expense of the many.

But Mother Teresa is more than just caring soul. Her enormous popularity helped along by 1979 Nobel Peace Prize for her efforts to relieve poverty has given her huge influence among the wealthy and the powerful. And she has not hesitated to use that influence to encourage , cajole and even shame them into giving money to her Missions of Charity, or to improving the lives of the less fortunate.

Now choose the most appropriate answer and write the letter of y.our  choice

on the answer   sheet provided.

  1. What dees the demands of the store-keeper in paragraph 1 mean?
    1. that IVlother Teresa should
    2. that shoppers should Volunteer to
    3. that the prevailing impasse should
    4. that Mother Teresa should settle the

.2. Which of the following, according to the writer, is true about Mother Teresa?

  1. She is naive and
  2. She is a missionary and a
  3. Normally, she pays for whatever she
  4. Comments about her are sacrilegious to her

2: What inspired Malcolm Muggeridge to make the film something Beautiful for God?

    1. He wanted to publicize Mother
    2. He had the motive to impress Mother
    3. He was influenced by what Mother Teresa was
    4. He wanted to use it as a means to convert to

3: Which of the following sentences best describes Mother Teresa as presented in paragraph 6?

    1. She did a lot more than just caring the
    2. She had enormous recognition that she won the Nobel Peace
    3. She was influential and popular among the wealthy and the
    4. She used every means at her disposal to make the wealthy help her

4: Which of the following best reflects the main idea of paragraph 5 of the

    1. The existing market economics is favouring the
    2. Catholics support and welcome the deeds of Mother Teresa?
    3. Mother Teresa is a selfless angel operating amidst the world of greed
    4. The world sees Mother Teresa as a symbol of charity world and

5: Who is accountable for the shopping trip story in paragraph one of the passage?

    1. A shopper at the
    2. A Publisher of a British
    3. An aid worker who accompanied Mother
    4. A journalist who happened to be in the

5: To Catholics, Mother Teresa was considered the holiest after the Pope because she

  1. helped the society’s
  2. didn’t impose religion on people
  3. set up her first mission in
  4. used to convert people to

Section two:- Vocabulary Items.

Choose the most suitable word/phrase and write the letter of ybur choice on the answer sheet provided.

  1. Bank of Abyssinia regrets to inform you that your account is to the tune of

fifteen thousand birr.

A .debited           B. credited                C. illegally deposed             D. overdrawn

  1. Please ”       this sum in your checking account as soon as possible to resume the u’se of your credit

a. declare      b.   deposit               C. abjure                      D Put Off


  1. We do need a notary for the agreement to be However his should be negligible.
    1. fees utility                 C. guarantee                   D. placement
  2. A document which shows you how much money you have in a bank account and when money has been added and removed is a                                      
    1. direct debit standing order     C. bank statement          D. cheque
  3. When writing a check, make sure you spell the name of the            
    1. loaner payee                      C. balance                         D. payer
  4. Ask your bank if they’ll pay the rent by for
    1. statement overdraft            C. standard order         D. credit card
  5. I understand that you were abroad this Let’s see what we can do…. The payment was due yesterday. Would you mind the check to Monday? That way you will avoid any late penalties.
    1. forwarding depositing           C. backdating               D. withdrawing
  6. After examining your pay stubs I feel sure that your is more than sufficient to qualify you for this

a. Income profit      B. profit     C. jackpot     d. job

  1. You don’t have any    in your account
  1. debts       b. loot      c.    letter of credit     d.funds


  1. If you put money in your bank account does the go up or down?
    1. debit credit                   C. bank charge                     D. balance


  1. A is good for day- to- day purchases, but you don’t get much
    1. deposit account credit card           C. current account            D. check
  2. A type of bank transfer which automatically pays the same amount of money into another bank account on a regular date/interval of time is a                               
  1. direct debit         b. standing order       C. bank statement  d.deposit
  1. I would like to            some money to my other
    1. switch    B. change                 C. to take out  d. transfer


Section three:- Sentence Comprehension

Four statements are made about each of the following sentences . statements may refer1o just part of the sentence or the entire sentence. Decide which one of the four choices is the correct statement and write the letter of your choice on the answer sheet provided.

  1. One of the hundred sailors whose lives had been saved by the action of one small boy gave the boy’s family a big reward.
  2. The boy saved the lives of a hundred sailors
  3. The boy’s action saved the lives of a hundred sailors
  4. The hundred sailors rewarded the boy’s family
  5. One sailor gave the boy a


  1. I suggest we let
    1. I think we permitted it
    2. I think we should leave it.
    3. Let’s rent to someone
    4. Let’s pay rent for it
  1. If it rained, our roof would
    1. Even if it rains, our roof is not going to C. Our roof leaks whenever it rains.
    2. I don’t think it is going to D. Our roof leaked because it rained.
  2. Children reared in poverty end, on the average, are believed to do poorly on
    1. impoverished children are generally not as intelligent as rich
    2. Behind the poverty trend is an assumption that children are
    3. Children from poor families have tendency to get on badly on intelligence
    4. Intelligence tests are poorly administered to poor
    5. He wanted to ask her out but was shy.

25. He wanted to invite her for a date but he was shy.

  1. He wanted to invite her but she was shy to
  2. Despite her shyness, he invited
  3. He needed to invite her even though she was

Section four:- Word order

The following words are not in the proper order. When put in the right order, they make correct English sentences. From the given alternatives, choose the one that is correct and write the letter of your choice on the answer sheet provided

  1. He around robbed that bank spread a
    1. That he robbed a bank spread around
    2. .4round that bank he easily robbed a
    3. He easily robbed a bank around that
    4. He easily robbed a bank that around
  2. To please what do tell you
    1. Please, they tell you to do
    2. Please, you tell they what to*do.
    3. Please, do what they tell you
    4. please, you do tell to they

, 28. Medicine Spike are than instructed you never more to.

  1. Take more medicine than you are never instructed
  2. Never take more medicine than you are instructed
  3. You are instructed never to take more than
  4. You are nevar instructed to take njore than medicine.
  1. You next do in who class to sit?
    1. Who do you sit next to in class7
    2. Next who do you sit in to class7
    3. To who next do you sit in class?
    4. Who next to do you sit in class?
  2. I did not anything about her unusual notice at
    1. About her I did not notice anything unusual at
    2. I did not notice anything unusual about her at
    3. Anything unusual about her I did not notice at
    4. At first anything unusual about her I did not

Section five:-Dialogue

Choose the alternative that is most appropriate to complete the dialogue and write the            corresponding letter of your choice on the answer sheet provided

31. Stranger: How can I get to the nearest cash point?


a. Why do you ask?       b.  You will need to walk fast.

c. There is a bank around Arat   d.  Go straight and turn left before the light

  1. You:                                        

32. Your friend: In Gondar.

  1. Where did your parents go7
  2. Where do your parents live?
  3. How often do you see your parents
  4. Do your parents live in Gondar?

33. Teacher: What time do you go to bod7


  1. Very late   2. Very early   3. After dinner    4. At ten o’clock


34. Secretary: May I help you 7


a. Why do you ask 7

b. What kind of help 7

c. Can I see the manager, please?

d. What do you mean?

35. Nigist: Do you speak Italian?


a. Just a little

b. I soak five languages.

c. I speak Arabic

d. I’ve never been to


Section six:-‘ Grammar and use                                                                             “

Choose the alternatives that best complete the sentences ané write the letter of your choice on the answer sheet.                                      ‘

36. Next year this time, we          our first year university courses.

  1. will complete
  2. have completed
  3. have to complete
  4. will have completed
  1. Aspirins to help prevent heart
    1. know knew          C. are known           D. have known to
  2. Inflation is not subsiding at all in this country, is it?
    1. No, it C. I think, it does.
    2. Yes, it isn’t. I don’t think it is.
  3. All the schedules seem to be poorly made, and this one is even
    1. bad very bad              C. worse             D. worst
  4. We studied together at college, but I her ever
    1. haven’t seen have seen
    2. won’t have been didn’t see
  5. Now that sister is I don’t have anyone about my future plan.
    1. talk to talk                  C. to talk to                  D. talking to
  6. it rained heavily, we had to cancel our The road was too muddy.
    1. Since However            C. As a result             D. Because of
  7. I have been trying to give up smoking for years I wish I in the first place.
    1. never started have never started
    2. had never started was never starting
  8. lt seems she wants me to do her afavouc You know , she has never been as nice ___me as she is.

a. on    b. with       c.  to               D. for


  1. The police him in the area so many times and now they have him as a primary
    1. have seen        b. saw                         C. see                             D. had seen

  46. If you were to be a teacher, you have to join a college of education and take the necessary training . You can’t jump into the profession directly.

  1. would    b. will                        C. shall                         D. could
  1. Press the button in front of you you hear the bell If you could do it before anyone, the money will be yours.
  1. while as    b. soon as            C. as quickly                 D. not too late

48. Listen! She is the one sitting                  Ali. Go and get her.

  1. by front of    B. behind to      C. next of         D. next to
  1. Because of the great number and the great variety of languages in the world, many people have had to learn a “foreign” or second language communicate with those who do not spéak their native
    1. in order to ”     b. in order that       C. so that to              D. in case to

50.  The séritence was phrased       that it would have two meanings.

    1. in a way such    B. in such a way     C. in such way  D. such way

PART TWO: Quantitative Aptitude Test (50°7»)

Instruction: Write the letter of your choice in CAPITAL-L£ITTER on the attached anawer sheet. Answers given elsewhere  shall not be   marked (2   pts each)

  1. A man has Birr 480 in the denominations of one—Birr notes, five-Birr notes and ten-Birr The number of notes of each denomination is equal. What is the total number of notes that he hash

a. 45      B. 60     C. 75        D. 90              E. None

2. Below is a series that follows a certain logic:     o, z, o, iz, zo, zo, …

What  would  be the  10  number  in  this series?

  1. 60 B. 80      C.90     D. 100    E.None


3. If the average of 4 and A is 12, and the average of 6 and B is 20, find the average of A and B?

  1. 16 B. 27   C.32     D.40    E .  None


4. 42 oranges are distributed among some boys and    If each  boy  gets  3, then each girl gets 6. But if each boy gets 6 and each girl gets 3, it needs 6 more.  The  number  of  girls is

A. 10            B. 8     •      C. 6             D. 4                   E. None,


5. What number  is one quarter of one tenth  of one Flfth of  2OOP

A.25                B. 5           C. i              D. 10                E. None


6. The ratio between the speeds of two trains is 7: If the second train runs 440 kms in 4 hours, then the speed of the first train in km/hr is

A. 96.25    B. 47.4     C. 57. 19       D.  68. 13        E. None

7. I am three times as old as my Five years later I shall be two and a half times as old as my son. What is my age P

A. 35     B. 40     C. 45            D. 55           E. Nome


8. Given aAb  = a(b+ 1)-3    Quantity A = 1A1,   Quandy B = 2A0

Then which of the following is true?

A. Quantity A and B are equal

b. Qantity A is greater

c. Quantity B is greater

D. Cannot be determined


9. A and B together have Birr1210 ,  If  4/15 of A’s amount is equal to  2 of B’s amount, how much amount does B have in Birr?

A.460                 B. 484             C. 550           D. 664              E. None


10. In a sports club with 30 members, 17 play badminton and 19 play tennis and 2 do not play How many members play  both badminton  and tennis 2

a. 7          b. 8.         c. 9         d. 10     E. None


11. In a pie chart if a value of 200 represents 😯 , then 200 represents a value of

    1. lOO 150               C. 50              D. 75              E.  None


12. A man owns 3/4 of the share of a business and sells 1/3 of his shares for Birr 1O,OOO. What is the value of the business in  Birr2

  1. 15,000     B. 2O,OOO     C. 30,00a.       D. 4O,OOO     E. none


13. If‹— y  1   md —y   1  ,  then what  is the value  of 3x —z?

a. 4     b. 6      c. 3       d. 2      E. None


14. A factory was owned by three people X, Y and Z, each having an equal X sold half his share to Y, Z sold one quarter of his share to Y. What fraction did Y then owri7

A . 5/7      B.7/12     C.7/8    D.5/12     E.None


15. A man walks  at  5 km/h  for 6 hr and at 4  km/h  for  12   His average speedinbn/his

  1. 4/ 3       B.72  /3    c. 9/2      D. 8                 E. None


16. A candidate appearing for an examination has to secure 40% marks to pass an But he secured only 40 marks and failed by 20 marks. What is the maximum mark for the exam.   7

a. 60  b. 100     c. 150    D.180    e. None


  1. It takes one minute to fill (3/7) of a   What is the time taken  in minutes  to  fill the  whole  of the veasel?


  1. 4/3 B. °Z               C.  7/3              D. 3/2               E. None


  1. In the number square below, the numbers down and across are determined by a set of rules using Find the missing number in the square with the question mark



















  1. 52 B. 62             C. 82              D. 112              E. None
  2. If the ratio  students  to  teachers  on a committee  of  21 members  is 8 to  6, how  many  members  of the  committee  are students?


  1. 8 B. 9


  1. 14
  1. None
  2. If the fractions 8/ 5, 7/ 2, 9J 5, 5/4, 4/5 are arranged  in descending  order of their values, which one will be  fourth?


  1. 9/ 5            B. 7/2             G. 6J 4              D.8/5     E. None


  1. Abebe has half as much money as he had yesterday, and a third as much  as he will have If he had Birr 12 yesterday, how much will he have tomorrow?


  1. 16
  2.  17
  3. 19
  4. 18
  5. None


  1. The average of six numbers is If the average of two of those numbers                 is 2, what is the average of the other four  numbers7


  1. 5

B. 6

  1. 7
  1. 8 None


  1. Which of the figures, you think best fits the series  below?


  1. B. E.None


  1. A box contains 3 yellow, 2 red, 4 green and 3 black    Two marbles  are taken one after the  other  at  random  from  the  box.  What  is the probability  that  both  marbles  are red?
  2. 1/ 50 B. 1/60           C.  I J OD          D. 1/24          E. None


  1. 40 percent of what number is equal to 20 percent of  1207
  2. 60 B. 36 C.  12             D. 120             E. None

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