EUI Young African Leaders Program 2022 in Italy | Fully Funded

The applications for EUI Young African Leaders Program 2022 in Italy is finally open. International students from different parts of the world are invited, to participate in one of fully-funded fellowship programs in Italy to learn professional skills for the development of society and their bright future.

EUI Young African Leaders Program 2022 in Italy | Fully Funded

The European University Institute is announced EUI Young African Leaders Program 2022 for short-term Study in Europe, Italy to International students. The EUI Young African Leaders Program 2022 is a fully funded fellowship program that allows winners to travel to Italy for free and continue to study employability skills and intellectual abilities to help them in the future.

The EUI fellowship in Italy is a ramification of the Africa-EU cooperation, and it is founded on the objective of completing the Africa Agenda 2063. The goal of this initiative is to catalyze the process of developing the Africa Agenda 2063 and to encourage community reforms that will have far-reaching and positive consequences for a better future.

The EUI Young African Leadership Program creates a forum for mid-career individuals to step forth and build their own organization of motivated and dedicated individuals through their own states as well as throughout the continent. The Africa-EU Paterners fellowship was launched in Autumn 2021 and has proven to be a success.

This year’s second cohort of young leaders will likewise be a huge success because it has a well-organized and well-managed agenda on its plate. The fully-funded fellowship offers participants a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to collaborate with international policymakers and improve their own strategy talents under the tutelage of such international peers.

EUI features a varied and innovative learning atmosphere, similar to Florence’s strong heritage in legislation.

By living and working in Florence for three months, the program’s fellows will have the opportunity to learn about the European tradition and the literature of Rome, Italy. The program is also structured in such a way that the fellows will have an amazing experience.

The European Commission supported the fully funded training courses, which consist of three months of full-time participation in Italy. Seminars, training, and professional growth sessions, high-ranking congresses, and fully-funded study vacations in Europe are all part of the fellowship.

This program encourages policymakers from a variety of areas, including those working for national or local governments, local, European, or international institutions, the media, academia, civilized society, and the commercial industry in Africa. The EUI fellows will become a weapon for Africa’s quick equitable and sustainable development as a result of an intense practice schedule.

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Host Country: Italy

Leadership Host Organization:  European University Institute

Leadership Offered: Funded by European University Institute


Financial Coverage: Fully Funded

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Benefits of the EUI Young African Leaders Program 2022 in Italy

Are you ready to apply for EUI Young African Leaders Program 2022 in Italy?

  1. A monthly stipend of € 2500 will be given to selected students so that they can meet their basic expenses.
  2. The Program is fully funded so selected candidates will be given the opportunity to attend classes for free and all the expenses will be covered by the university.
  3. The family allowance of € 300 will be provided to the fellow if the partner is living with a fellow in Florence.
  4. A child allowance of € 200 will be paid in case a fellow has a child dependent on him or her.
  5. No taxes of EUI will be applicable to the fellows.
  6. The program will bear the travel expense by giving an amount of € 1200 which will lessen the burden of student expenses
  7. Medical Insurance is also provided by the program to the selected students during their study in Italy.
  8. Increased self-awareness and developmental strategies are used to give candidates professional understanding.

Eligibility Criteria for EUI Young African Leaders Program 2022 in Italy

In order to qualify for a place in the EUI Young African Leaders Program 2022 in Italy you will need to meet the following requirements:

  1. Male and female applicants are both invited to apply.
  2. During the fellowship period, candidates must be able to stay in Haly for three months.
  3. The candidates must be African nationals and living in Africa.
  4. Candidates who have desire and passion but have no prior social experience are also eligible but they must have the ability to demonstrate their ideas about how they can contribute to bringing change in society.
  5. The participants must be between the ages of 18 and 35.

What is the Deadline for the EUI Young African Leaders Program in Italy?

In this ongoing modern era, this change is not something to be missed if you are young and enthusiastic and you have entrepreneurial qualities and abilities then you must apply for this wonderful fellowship program. The last date to apply for the EUI Leadership program is 7 April 2022.

How to Apply for the EUI Young African Leaders Program 2022 in Italy?

The application process is very important as the information provided by the interested candidate will be evaluated by the selection committee and the candidate will be selected on the basis of the provided information.

Candidates must apply online. Provide accurate information and documentation, since any fake documents or information will result in the fellowship being terminated. Give active contact information, such as a phone number or email address.

This program is committed to fostering global awareness and academic, personal, and professional growth and learning opportunities for overseas students. So, what are you waiting for? It’s your road to success if you are a dedicated and passionate student

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